Smaller Speakers


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Current Set-up

Denon 3800 Receiver
BW 602 Rears
BW CC6 Centre
BW LCR6 Fronts
BW Sub (Can't remember model)


Although I am extremely happy with the sound that my current system gives they are taking up too much new and hence I need to down size.

Is there any speaker package, or separate speakers, that are both small in size and will give a sound production anywhere near as good as what I have already ?

Any reccomendations appreciated.



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How much money you got? I'd say you need to think £1200 minimum and quite possibly much higher than that too. :( Your B&W's are good speakers and you'll need something very good in a sub/sat setup to match them.


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How about B&W VM1 speakers - they're about £125 per speaker, which fits the lower end of your budget.

Or you could take a look at the Kef 5005's for a little more.



Monitor audio's Radius speakers come in under £1000 but you could trim £350 from that if you keep your sub in.

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