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small width room projector setup


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Hi all

Wonder if you anyone can help me. I'm looking at making a dedicated cinema room. One of the rooms i'm looking at is 16 foot long but only 6 foot 7 wide. Is it worth getting a projector for such a small width room? What would be the max screen size obtainable if we looking at the 16 foot as the throw? Also if the screen was to cover the whole wall, any ideas how i could mount front and center speakers? Could i move the screen forward away from the wall and mount them behind the screen or would this hinder the sound quality alot?

Any advive will be much appreciated

Many thanks



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Further to this question would it be better to paint the end wall to project an image onto or to buy a manual/motorised screen? If paint any recommendations as to the color for the projected wall and also the other 3 walls and ceiling? The room only has one window which is at the opposite side to the projected wall. Thanks again


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You could use an acoustically transparent screen (like they do at commercial cinemas) which can give the best result regarding the sound coming from where the image is placed. Alternatively you could mount the three speakers below the screen (perhaps covered with black speaker cloth to reduce distractions), but angle them up slightly. Bear in mind that if you sit too close to an acoustically transparent screen you might be able to see the holes in it or suffer a 'moire' effect.

You might need to check to make sure that any projector you are considering will produce a small enough image from 16' away. Many budget projectors have more zoom than you might need, so important to check. The best website for this is here (put in the make and model plus screen size and throw distance):

Projection Calculator Classic - Throw Distance and Screen Size

Or the Pro version:


With such a narrow room it becomes even more important to treat the sides of the room for reflections as the screen will be right next to them. Even coming one metre out with a black velvet surround (Devore is one popular brand on here) will make a huge difference to washout. At the very least painting a dark matt colour for the first metre would be better than nothing (and much better than white/magnolia).


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Kelvin has pointed out most of the issues so just to add a few further points:

If you want to put the projector on the back wall on a shelf high up or even at half way up the wall an LCD or D-ila projector has the sort of lens zoom ratio to be able to accommodate a smaller screen at 14ft or so.Also they do mostly have lens shift so this makes placing the projector in a more flexible position compared to DLP or lcd machines without lens shift.

What sort of budget do you have and do you want 3D or not, lcd with lens shift (2D) start at £900 where LCD 3D with lens shift or D-ila machines are more like £2300+.

Projecting onto a good flat wall is ok but even a DIY screen made from a sheet of mdf and painted light grey will be better and is easy to do and cost approx £25.If you use the full wall width you could probably squeeze an 88" diagonal 16:9 aspect screen in with no black side bars (L&R).If you do do this though I would definitely do as Kelvin suggests and treat the side walls (with devore or similar)and ceiling coming out 3-4ft from the screen to maximise image contrast and reduce reflection.

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