Small TV with bluetooth?


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I have a hearing problem and am looking for a small TV (no larger than 20'' but preferably smaller) for the kitchen. I intend using the TV via a small Bluetooth speaker which will be right in front of me. Because of the layout of the room the TV will be eight feet to my left, whilst the Bluetooth connection to my speaker will allow me not to have the TV turned up so high that it becomes intrusive to those in the next room.

I have looked everywhere. Many retail outlets don't include Bluetooth information and Currys seemed to think I had fallen to earth !!

Any help really appreciated.


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It is very unlikely that you will find a tv of any size with a Bluetooth audio output. You will need to find one that has an audio output socket of some kind, probably and earphone output, and use a Bluetooth transmitter plug-in device. They can be found for around £25 on Amazon.
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I've struggled to find you a small TV with Bluetooth, it appears to be common only on the larger TVs.

As above, a little bluetooth transmitter plugged into the headphone output will work fine though.

Just be aware of latency issues giving lip sync problems. Headphones are optimised for low latency, speakers not necessarily so much and there's unlikely to be any correct on the TV either.

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