small surround speakers with screw mounts


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Anyone any experience of any speakers with screw threads in back or bottom that could be mounted on poles with suitable brackets.
Was thinking of something maybe like the old kef eggs.
For using as ceiling speakers in Atmos type install


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Hi Silouette, I have the Kef 3005 eggs and have in the past mounted them to walls. The brackets work very well and hold the speakers securely.

Kef did have matching pole type stands but I never bought or used them.

I personally rate the style and sound of the eggs as very good - I use the dedicated sub but believe that even better results may be possible with popular subs from Rel or similar. Others on here will be well placed to advise on this.


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Thanks Cooney.
Yeah heard they were well regarded.
I'm all Subed up on rest of system was just looking for something lightis with good sound quality for some up in the air speakers which l was going to try and add to a Skypole structure l have created.

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