Small Sub that hits low.


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I'm looking at buying a new sub this week (max £1k). Primarily it needs to be small but also have the ability to drop low into the hz.

So my shortlist is this:

Velodyne SPL1200 mk3 (measuring 360x360x410)

B&W ASW 675 (measuring 340x340x411)


Can anyone tell me if either of these (or others that are small) are good (if poss backed up with data...but not too technical!) SPL and THD Im ok with ...just :D

The sub will be used in a room approx 5m x 10m with a spiral staircase in the centre.

Floor - raised floorboard carpeted.

Ian J

The Velodyne would probably have the edge over the B&W as it has a larger driver and a much more powerful amp but a room your size that also contains an open staircase will not be an easy space to fill and it's possible that neither will work satisfactorily.

A home demo is recommended in every case but even more so than normal in yours and as you seem to be in the same county as AV-Sales who are Authorized Velodyne dealers, why not ask them for a "loaner"


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You could put a wanted add up for a Velodyne DD-10. About as small as they get with any real power and depth. :)
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