Small Stylish high quality 5.1 speakers??? Is that possible?


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I am a newbie in the area of high quality AV and I need some advice on setting up a small room high quality 5.1 system now that I am graduating from college and moving into a new place. I have been already looking around the forum for hours and have got a general idea of the generally preferred makes and items for good quality audio.
As a student I have been using a Bose 3.2.1 GS system hooked with a Sony VPL-HS3 projector via a Sony DVD player for movies and music...I had thought that the Bose system was pretty good value for money, but browsing through the forum I have noticed that this is generally accepted not to be the case...and I am excited about the prospects of owning a much better audio system :).
I am attracted to the high-end Denon AVR-4308 or AVR-3808 receivers as an AV basis to set up a HD home cinema (plus a bunch of other components) but I need some advice on the main speakers and their connections...
Basically, I enjoy the 'compactness' and aesthetics of the Bose 3.2.1 GS system...and given the fact that I will be setting up in a small room (....a Central London flat lounge...) I will seek to stick to something small and stylish, but of very high quality....if that is possible.
I have looked at things like:

  • KEF Instant Theatre Kit 580w - integrated system...kinda beats the purpose of buying the Denon...but I like the wireless
  • KEF 5000 series - Wireless again...
  • Anthony Gallo Due or Reference series - Latter quite pricey but are they worth it?
  • Bang & Olufsen BL8000 or BL1 - mostly for the style...I am not sure of the performance...
Could some of the experts comment and guide me on this setup?
Much Appreciated :smashin:

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