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Hi. Does anyone have any recommendations for a small stereo amplifier to drive a pair of HTS2001 keff egg speakers.

The only input will be from a macmini and I'm looking for an amp of a similar size as it needs to be something relatively discrete to fit into a study.

I'm wondering whether something like a Pro-ject amp box might be suitable.

Any thoughts/recommendations?

Many thanks.

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My son runs an old Mission Cyrus One with a separate DAC and the results are very good. Although maybe a bit more expensive you've got a real Hi-Fi amp with great sound and a lot of flexibility. There were a few small amps made, like the Naim Nait one and two, but the Cyrus one and two probably represent the best sound-per-pound option typically costing around £50


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Do a search on the net for Mini-T 2020 Class T 20W amps off Ebay, £60 you get a warranty, UK stock, Chinese made, stunning little amp for the money - I'd easily run this on my Diapason Emeras - ie you need an easy load sensitive speaker for this 8ohm nominal I'd suggest, as good as many sub £500 amps I have heard. Search Google for reviews:
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