small speaker sockets for euromod


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I have a Sony HT-IS100 5.1 ch Home Theatre system installed. The cables for the 4 surround speakers come out of the wall through a single-gang euromod face plate. That is, there is space for just two euromod modules. The cables are not long enough so I can't just use a brush plate and have them come through straight into the unit.

There are plenty of options for euromod modules with two connectors (red/black), but I don't have space for 4 modules. Does anyone know of a connector type that will allow for 4 speaker pairs in two euromod modules?

I wondered about a using 2-conductor (TS) jack for each speaker. Would that work? Is it lame? :D



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I think you might be after something that doesn’t exist. Your jack idea should work, as long as there’s enough room inside to fit the cables. I think there are 2 other options. 1, a brush plate and terminate each cable with its own socket (need to stop them touching each other somehow if the outer is metal) which you can then connect the wall-to-amp cables to, or 2 get your chisel out and swap the single sized back box for a double then you have plenty of options.

I’d go for that last one.
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