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small speaker question


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I have the QA 2010 5.1 pack. the bookshelf speakers are fairly but for a wall mount i feel but i am keen to add some hight. I have been looking at QA 7000 range which are much lighter and slimmer. In a 7.1 front high set do you need to use the same speakers as the other 5?


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No you don't need to use the same speaker for extra channels. The main ones that are pretty important to maintain uniformity over are the front pair and the centre.

But with the 7000 series, note that the satellites only go down to 95Hz. Your current 2010i speakers go down to 68Hz. 80Hz is a fairly key value here, as that's the recommended crossover to set in your AVR. If you do this with the 7000s, you'll lose a frequency band.
What AVR do you have? Is it capable of setting different crossovers for each speaker, or is it set once for the whole system? If it's set once for the system then you'll have to raise the crossover to 100 for everything, and I think this will sound worse. Too much to sacrifice for the two extra channels for me.
Any other small speaker will have similarly poor low frequency response unless it's very expensive.

Why have you decided to extend to 7.1 with front-height? Are you missing something at the moment? I had spare speakers lying around so experimented with adding to my 5.1 setup, but front-height made no overall improvement over 5.1. My room isn't laid out appropriately for standard 7.1 with rear surrounds, so I went back to 5.1.
If your AVR is driving all the speakers (i.e. no external power amps) then remember that it'll be spread more thinly if you make it drive 7 channels. It only has one power supply so can only deliver so much current cleanly.
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I have ended up going for a traditional 7.1 set rather than the matrix 5.1 of high/ wide so using same speakers at rear and upgraded to floor standing at the front!

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