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Im after a bit of input on a speaker package. Im in the progress of updating my AV equipment, Im in the process of buying a Sony KDL40W4000U, Yamaha DSP-AX763 and a Sony BDPS350. And i need a suitable speaker package, I dont want floor standers and would like to buy a complete speaker package (5.1). Ive browsed the forums and certain magazines and have narrowed my choices down to about 3, but any other input would be great. I dont want to spend any more than £300, but i do like Kef KHT2005.3 which i know are around the 500 pound mark. Are you paying for the style and name or is the price deserved ? Also the speakers must be black !!

Right my other choices are : Jamo A102HCS5, Canton (Not familiar with these speakers, but have seen them mentioned alot on this forum). And the KEF's i mentioned earlier if i can be persuaded their worth the extra cash.

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100% understand what you mean about full size speakers, I would not have them either.

I can't remember what I paid, but I have monitor audio R90 speakers in gloss black, they're nice and small and, for the size they sound superb. You can also select a seperate sub to suit your room/bass needs, I have two subs, a yamaha and an SVS.

Here's a link to the R90s: Monitor Audio - R90 - Your Speaker


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The 2005 are pretty good... better IMO than some of the others being mentioned here.... have you considered buying used?

There are some Acoustic Energy Aego T and B&W M1 in the classifieds at the moment.... both far, far better speakers than anything above and used would be more in budget?

The following do slightly exceed budget, but you do get a far better speaker IMO

You'd need a sub with both of those, a BK Elec Gemini would be great - total cost is only slightly more than that of the Kefs but...

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