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Small/ Smallest Box to drive 30" 2560 x 1600 LCD via Dual link DVI-D / DisplayPort?


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Small/ Smallest Box to drive 30" 2560 x 1600 LCD via Dual link DVI-D / DisplayPort?

a - VIDEO:
- Barebones Box/ Ready Box / Motherboard/ Case:
I'd like find the smallest box/ machine / Barebones or HTPC Media Streamer Box that has
the Video Hardware to support & Drive 30" 2560 x 1600 LCD at Native Resolution
- On board or added Video Card:
Integrated or Dedicated GPU to support this resolution (Intel, AMD or NVidia - No preferences here, any of them will do)

b - PORTS:
- Dual link DVI-D
- DisplayPort

- eSATA/ USB 3.0
- LAN/ Gigabit LAN
- WiFi (Optional)


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Would an Intel NUC i3 do the job? Dual HDMI but have no idea if they do dual link


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The mods have (correctly, to be fair!) deleted a post I made which broke the rules. However, I think its fair to the OP to point him in the direction of a motherboard that will suit his needs.

The Intel DHQ77KB is a thin-ITX motherboard with DisplayPort out on the back that will support the required resolution.

There are a two nice chassis that spring to mind for that board, one by Lian-Li which uses the special Intel cooling solution for Thin-ITX, and is a wide but very thin desktop style chassis with space for an optical drive.

The other is the very compact Akasa chassis that is totally passive and the entire case is a heatsink. This has a strict limit of 35WTDP on the CPU however. I tried one out with a 45W CPU and you could have fried an egg on the top of it. Having said that I read a review on the chassis that disagreed and said you'd get away with a 45W part, which opens up the low-power quad core i5 and i7. The 45W part I tried was a Xeon E3-1260L so it maybe it ran a little warmer than a desktop part.


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Just realised there are three chassis options, one from Silverstone, which is actually the chassis I was thinking of when I described the Lian Li one. One from Lian Li which is quite plain, with no front ports or optical drive, but will take 2 x 2.5" drives and uses the same Intel cooler, and the Akasa box.

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