Small screen when connecting Laptop to Plasma


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In a meeting room we have a Laptop feed going into a Plasma screen.
My laptop + several other laptops display a perfect picture but there is one guy who's laptop only displays the image a quarter size of the screen.
I've tried changing the resolution on his laptop but it doesn’t change the image size by much, or if it does it becomes unreadable.
He said it use to be fine so I think it’s something to do with his laptop output.
Any info or help would be much appreciated



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My guess is the video driver software has an option to border its output when sending to an external display of a different res to the internal screen and he's accidentally turned it on.

and... is it set up for dual monitor or single?


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I’m sure its set up for dual monitor because in the resolution window displays the two boxes labelled 1 and 2.
His laptop is a Dell Latitude D620.
If he has turned on the option to boarder his output do you know off the top of your head how he can turn it off?


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I havr D630, it uses an Intel on-board graphics controller, if it's the same or similar try the following....

1. Right click on desktop and select 'Graphics Properties'

2. On the left select 'Display settings'.

3. On the right select 'Aspect Ratio' Options button.

4. In here there are thre options, 'Maintain Aspect Ratio', 'Full Screen (No Border)' and 'Center Desktop'.

5. Select 'Full Screen (No Border)' and Ok to close this window.

6. Select Apply and Ok to exit the settings.

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