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Hello everyone,

I’ve read a number of posts about this, and it seems to me that the solution is always dependent on the room!

I’ve got a dedicated room to TV/movies/ gaming currently. It’s fairly small 2.56x2.7m, but it’s mine! The drawing is to scale the first pic is birds eye view, the second is looking at the couch and the rear wall.

Because of the limited space, I am planning to keep my units (shield, wii, PS4 and a receiver) on the shelf above the couch, and mount the TV to the wall, connecting the whole lot -> receiver -> tv with only the speaker cables and a long HDMI running to the TV along skirting boards.

in the next couple of years, I’m hoping to create an attic home cinema, so aiming for x4700h and reusing my trusty SS-E12 speakers in the front (given close positioning I’m hoping to get away without a centre, and given the speakers oomph without a dedicated sub, although I think I’ll see what I get!), in the meantime.

For the rears, I’ve got some spare JVC stereo speakers I was hoping to use and mount just above the back of the couch pointing directly towards the middle.

however! I’ve read on here and Reddit that sometimes, given the limited distance from the speakers to the listener it may be better to mount them higher or perhaps pointing upwards?

I wonder if anybody has any suggestions (perhaps this set up would never work, or perhaps it’s just silly?) re set up or positioning. I appreciate that a dedicated home theatre speakers would be better, but the space that we’re thinking of designing in the attic will be bigger and hopefully I will be able to save money now to spend later.
Thanks for reading and hope for some replies!


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