Small room, not sure which way to go...


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For the first time in nearly 30 years I have the opportunity to have a room for audio and video use . However it's a bit on the small size and the shape may involve some compromises on equipment.
It's part of a new house currently being built and it's just a shell at the moment.
The screen will be centered on a wall 4.7m in length and the room width/depth is 3.4m and ceiling height will be 2.3m approx.
I first thought of having a Samsung/Philips/LG sound bar with rear surrounds and Subwoofer as the first compromise is to have next to no cables showing (other half says so!)
I then thought about using an existing pair of Cambridge Audio Minx Min 21 that I have along with an X200 sub (might consider replacing) and then buying 3 to 5 newer Min 22's for Centre, Rear surrounds and possibly for a couple of higher mounted Atmos speakers.
2 questions are raised with that, would the 8 or so years between the newer and older Mins cause them to be out of balance and secondly what AV amp should I buy to go with them.
So would I get a better sound using a Minx set up than getting a top of the range surround Sound Bar or using a budget of up to £2000 should I opt for a completely different speaker/amp setup?
Is the listening position, as shown by the sofa on the plan okay? There are 2 floor to ceiling windows in the corners and a sliding door behind the sofa, other chairs will be added making the room possibly feel smaller still.
Sources will mostly be streamed.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I wouldnt say this is a small room lol.

Is projector an option? You could create a pretty magic gigantic image with the 4.7M throw distance


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2000£ would get you enjoyably system that would put the fist size Minxes in to shame, i have owned the smaller ones so i have some idea. However the question mark would be can you consider larger "bookshelf" speakers with stands (front mains and surround l/r), horizontal center channel below tv on top of av-cabinet or wall mounted.

This would be the plan roughly regarding placment (apart from sub):


As for hiding speaker wires they could go inside stands and then inside trunking which can be put on top or side of the skirting boards (sticker at back) so you get clean install without visible wires.



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I doubt the 22 are much different to the 21 so you should keep the 21. I would use them as rears and get 2 minx speakers for the front unless you are OK to accommodate larger speakers.

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