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Can anybody help me as I just cannot make a decision.

My current setup consists of an old Sherwood AV amp and an Aiwa DVD player coupled with a brand new Panasonic 28PS1, 2 x Definitive Technology ProMonitor 80's, a Definitive Technology Pro Sub, and a Gale centre speaker.

The TV, speakers and sub are all great, but the DVD player, amp and centre speaker all need to go, and I need to purchase two satellite speakers as well.

I have just moved into a flat and my living area is very small (around 3.5m x 4m), so I need a setup that is going to be discreet, visually, yet provide a superb sound stage for both home cinema and standard audio use. I intend on spending around £1000.

I was initially looking at the Pioneer NS-DV1000 with the idea that I would ditch the DefTech satellites and sub, but have since gone off that idea as 1) the DefTechs are still too good, in my opinion, to just dump, and 2) I have been convinced by reading posts on this forum that seperates are the way to go. As such, I have been very closely looking at the Pioneer VSX-AX3, and matching that with either a Pioneer DV-565A or a Pioneer DV-757Ai (for the progressive scan). It is my intention to get a projector in the next 18 months, so I want a seyup that can match the screen.

However, even if I were to go for the VSX-AX3/DV-565A option, i would still need two-three more satellites, plus a centre speaker, all of which must be small and attractive enough to fit into my living room.

Can anybody recommend a suitable solution for me as I really don't know what to do?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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