Small quality minimalist amps?

Pack Dude

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Hi, are there any small amps with maybe just two optical digital inputs but still have power enough to fill a room? Its only going to be used to play music from a laptop so stereo output will be enough.



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you dont get digital inputs generally on stereo amps....

some lifestyle systems might have digital inputs where there is a disc player present in the amp as well.....

I think you really need two boxes, a DAC/decoder and an amp....

not sure how small you mean by small, but if you can track down an MF X-80 they are pretty small as amps go to fill a room with decent sound.....then grab a cheapish DAC or perhaps one of those Creative Labs decoding units for computers....

not sure what else i could suggest, sorry :)

Pack Dude

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Thanks, I thought I might have to go down the DAC/AMP rute :( I'll do a bit more searching around first. I'm sure there must be others who would like an amp like this.

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