Small problem with the rxv565 yamaha


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I've spent a good morning now looking at this and have decided to turn to the forums for mayb some help.

I've checked numerous of times to see if everything is connected properly and it is... But when ever i seem to try to play anything the AV reciever only seems to be showing the video, with no sound.

When i go into "options", i go to "signal info", and there it tells me the audio/video info. Under the Audio information it just tells me that for the audio format it has "No Signal". Where as the video infomartion is reading correct cos its showing the video and telling me what resolution its kicking out at. I just dont understand why it would kick out a picture with no sound ?

Has anyone had this issue?

Cheers for reading, really would appreciate anything i could try which i haven't or something :) Thanks!


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Is there sound when on tuner?


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Nope, nothing on any sources, I'm sure the speakers work as I have done the auto setup where it calibrates all the speakers to a specific point in the living room, so i was able to hear all the tests on each speakers etc.


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is the amp connected to the the tv with an optical out?
does the tv recognise its outputting audio to the amp, or defaulted to mute or something??

I had a bit of head scratching when i first got my 1065 and the sony tv hadnt recognised the av amp properly, turning off and on tv sorted it.

sorry if this is a lame post but you never know!


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I've only got the HDMI out connected to the TV i dont get have the opportunity to use optical :( and its kinda my fault aswell for not explaining my situation a bit clearer!

The tuner is working(my mistake)

The problem is i cant get the sound from the DVD player and TV to go out through the amp. I just keep getting "No Signal" from the audio information of what ever source im using at the time.


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ok, so you have hdmi (in) going into your reciever from dvd player, and hdmi out going to your tv?

Just to discount the dvd player, try connecting it to your tv directly and see if all is fine.

if it is, im afraid id have to look at the manual as everything i have connected to my amp works fine. Maybe a 'restore to factory' may do the trick on your amp, you would have to do the auto setup again though.

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