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Oct 7, 2005
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What's the smallest Plasma TVs that are made?

42" is too big for our sitting room so would like a 26"- 32" preferably.

I've not seen anything less than 42". Is this the case? Is LCD the only current option for 32" flatscreens?
Panasonic do a 37" plasma TH37PV500 (7oaks @ £2195.00) so if this is too big you're looking at a LCD for 32". I wanted a 32" plasma but couldn't find anything so settled for a 32" LCD
Panasonic 37in Plasmas is the answer. The 37PV500 is very good. Saw one today, but it was priced higher than the 42PV500 :eek:. The TH37PX60 is the next generation Panasonoc screen available in March (See AV Sales web site).

Hitachi and Sony used to make 32in Plasmas, but no longer. You can still get some Htachi 32in Plasmas, but these sets are very old stock.
If 37" is still too big for you, you will have to consider LCD. However, the 37" models aren't as big as you think, and gradually "shrink" as you get used to them. Then you'll want a 42"!

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