Small LCD with Freeview & D-sub ???


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I'm looking for a 17" - 20" widescreen LCD with built-in freeview and a D-sub for connection to a laptop. Surprisingly these appear very thin on the ground (and expensive).

There's the Humax LGB17DTTV at around £350, the Toshiba 20WLT56 at £375-£400 (I can't find the 17" version although it's on Tosh's website) and that seems to be about it.

Any other ideas?

HD readiness is an advantage, I might consider a LCD without a built in DVB-T tuner if the TV had enough other scart connections and use one of those scart freeview tuners.


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19" widescreen LCD PC Monitor (No connections) about £130, external (analogue) tuner from some unknown brand in china off ebay, about £40 (make sure to get one which upscales to widescreen resolution, not many do!) Then freeview box of choice - will probably have to go s-video as many of these boxes don't have scart.

If you don't trust chinese ebay sellers, try Aver TV Box 9, but it's more expensive and only goes to 1280x768 in wide rather than 1440x900 which is more likely to be the monitor's native resolution so the image would be upscaled twice rather than once.

Not sure if KWorld do one.


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Those prices were including delivery by the way and if you were 'caught' and had to pay duty on the chinese import, it would only be in the region of £3.50 (£20x17.5%)

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