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Small LCD TV?


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Hi there, :hiya:
I'm looking for a small LCD TV (in the UK). Probably 15" - I'd like the picture quality to be as good as possible. I'd also want to be able to play Gamecube and PS2 games on it with a decent picture - using component video inputs if possible. I'm hoping to spend as little as possible - certainly under £400.

Any suggestions? I've had real trouble trying to find anything - I tend to find something that looks decent, before finding that it either costs £1000 or that there isn't a UK model available.... :confused:

Thanks very much for any help!


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I realise that not many people here are interested in such a small screen, but I'll post anyway and if anyone has any opinions or advice I'd be very grateful to hear it.

Just found the Samsung SM 730MW - which looks pretty idea to what I want. A couple of good reviews - but here's the crucial bit: how does it do as a television, rather than just a monitor? I'm a bit concerned that it's just a monitor with video inputs and TV tuner tacked on.

Also, anyone know anything about how well it would work with a games console? I'm particularly concerned about image quality and in-game text readability, and also about the lag between signal and image - I know that this makes playing console games through many TV cards all but impossible, and I'm hoping that the same doesn't apply to a non-standard TV. Thanks for any advice if anyone has any, I have seen a couple of threads about this particular LCD TV, so hopefully someone else has one.


I don't know the Samsung.
I have a Dell W1700 (17" TV/monitor).
It comes with all useful connections: SCART (with RGB), component, CVBS, S-video, DVI, VGA, antenna. 1280x768 (15:9 screen as usual for small sizes).
Price also includes cables for all of the above.


I've had the Samsung 730MW for just over a month now and am very happy with it. Quite often, when I buy a gadget/electrical item I'll find a fault with it or something negative that wasn't mentioned in a review but not the case here I'm pleased to say!

I bought it primarily as a TV for my dining room so I can watch the footy etc whilst the Mrs watches Eastenders or whatever in the lounge :) I have it hooked up to a Freeview receiver and a dvd player. The picture (I in my opinion) is very good indeed - bright, sharp and no noticeable ghosting. I wouldn't recommend it as a main TV as obviously it's too small, but for a bedroom/kitchen TV it does the job well.

Also, worth mentioning is the sound: Some of the smaller LCD TV's have slightly puny speakers but these are fine.

I did about a month or two worth of research into different manufacturers and models and decided this was the best value for money. I bought it on the strength of a review in PC Pro but subsequently it's had good reviews in T3, Stuff and one of the AV mags (can't remember which one now).

The cost - I paid about £385 a month ago but already I've seen it for around £350 - I don't think you'll find another 17" widescreen TFT/TV for this money that has all the features and connections. I wont bother detailing the connections as these can be found on the web, however, they are more than adequate.

Haven't tried coonecting it to a PC but no reason to suspect the picture wont be good.

Finally, worth mentioning it has a 3 year on-site warranty - most TFT TVs I've seen only offer one...

Hope this helps...


Does the stand on the 730MW tilt and/or swivel...it looks like its fixed and doesnt move at all....cheers.


Hi,I bought a Bush 15"LCD2 monitor/tv with remote november '03 and although have a minor prob with it at the moment I have had 16 months excellent use from it, because it doubled up I rarely switchd it off, it runs for20hrs plus most days.I will certainly consider buying one again and from looking around the 'shops' prices are now half what I paid for it at around £170, have fun! aukmune :)


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Hi all - first post, thanks for all the advice

I'm after a bedroom TV too and had thought of going the 'parts route' too, with an LG or AG Neovo monitor and a tuner box + speakers. To be honest though, it looks like that option is gonna cost just a little less than an all in one LCD tv solution, especially now I've seen the Samsung 730 MW :D (Thanks!) Plus its a whole lot less messy....

Can anyone tell me why I ought to buy the 730MW over the older 710 widescreen (also at komplett?) for the extra hundred quid or so?

Also - I take it the stand is removable from the base of the 730 and it has a standard vesa for wall mounting - anyone know...? The stand looks fairly 'Moulded on'?

Reason I am asking is I am going to be creating a setup fixed to our bed. Its a big ass wooden sleigh bed with a massive 'end' thats big enough to fix a vesa mount to. I want to chase the RF cable up under the bed and into the telly, along with an input from an xbox in the bedside table (for dvd/divx/mp3 etc).

Does the Samsung fit the bill, or ought I to be looking elsewhere (budget is about 300).... looked at the Relysis in Richer Sounds but wasnt blown away for £299....



Just looked at the back of my 730mw - it has four mounting points for a wall bracket but can't see how to get the stand off. I'll have to check out the manual....

I don't think the 710 you mentioned is widescreen (1280*1024 would suggest 4:3), also I think I remember seeing one in PC World and again I'm sure it was 4:3....

Another poster mentioned the Sharp Aquos 15" TFT - I looked at this just before xmas as Dixons had it on a special deal for £299. However, I decided against it because it was 4:3 format also.

In my opinion, it's worth getting a widescreen - after all just about ever dvd is widescreen these days plus more and more tv broadcasts....


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The 710 is the 710MP so it's not widescreen, it's a 5:4 screen due to the 1280x1024 resolution. It also doesn't have the DVI-HDCP input, FM tuner and memory card reader of the 730MW.

I downloaded the manual for the 730MW a while ago and it says the stand is removeable and that it's compatible with a 100mm VESA mount.


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If you call up the PDF Review for the 730MW above they publish the latest prices alongside it. I found 3 places selling it for about £325 delivered a few days back. Not bad for an HDTV Compatible LCD with DVI & Progressive Scan Components? I'd buy one tomorrow but I just need to sell my 24" Silver Philips CRT first. Yours for £140 if you are interested ?



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Thanks for the help everyone!

I've got a 24" widescreen for my ps2 and dvd in spare room already, CRT, sorry (only got a few months back - Phillips too) :D

Took the plunge and ordered the 730 as suggested - so long as stand comes off I'm looking forward to seeing it in action :) Komplett - £329... great value it seems. So long as my feed is ok it has to be an improvement on our old 15" CRT.... now my wife will be well pee'd off when I get my PSP hooked into it.


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Good luck Headengine, hope its a good purchase. Please PM me or post on here with your review?

BTW - Do you mean a Playstation Portable ? I didnt know that you could run them through a TV ? What other AV Gear are you gonna connect to it ?

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