Small LCD TV, better to buy a Monitor and Freeview box?


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After searching for a basic LCD TV for my dining room I'm starting to think it would be better to get a PC LCD monitor and a Freeview box.

The cheapest LCD TV I've seen is here:

However would it be better to buy something like this:

and a freeview box, which I've seen available for as little as £25.

Surely I would be getting a better quality screen and freeview for the same price? I know I would need a scart adapter:

with a VGA to DVI adapter on the end this should work ok, shouldn't it? :confused:

I know it would be a bit more awkward to install but I just think paying nearly £150 for a relatively poor LCD screen that hasn't even got freeview is a bit of a rip-off!

EDIT: just seen this one for just over a ton!, bit smaller with slower response time though:


I used to watch TV on my PC monitor through a VGA box, worked well (that's with a box though, rather than just a cable, I've heard some of the cables don't give a good quality)...

But then I bought a monitor that has 50,000 inputs so don't have the need to do it like that any more, it has everything I need without having to convert anything.

The things you've described should work OK, all except the cable, which I just don't know about either way.


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I do actually have a VGA box with built in tuner which I could use for now, but it won't receive freeview and I'm using it to play my PS2 on my PC monitor at the moment!

I'll have to look at the adapter cable in more detail to check that it would work, I already have a VGA to DVI adapter which should be ok.


If you already have a VGA box, you could just get some splitters to allow you to link more than one thing up at once... Is your PS2 using composite or SCART? Either way, you can get some adapters to let you double up the number of things to input into the VGA box, then all you'd need is a Freeview box.

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