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We moved home in September and I’ve (slowly) been re-creating the home cinema (there’s been other more pressing priorities!).

At my previous house the home cinema was a single garage conversion attached to the side of the property. Now it’s in the 2nd bedroom on the 1st floor.

Dimensions are very similar, however the new room is slightly wider, and the length of the room is slightly shorter.

I considered some equipment & speaker replacements, but as I was entirely satisfied with what I had, in the end I kept everything the same. Sound is delivered by a Monitor Audio Apex 7.1.2 speaker arrangement (with 2 subwoofers) and two overhead Atmos/DTS-X speakers (top middle), being Monitor Audio Shadow 50s which I have mounted on the ceiling. The system is driven from a Denon AVR X6200W.

As the new room is slightly wider, I considered a ‘scoped screen, but the room is too short to accommodate the projector throw necessary. I’m actually pleased that I decided to keep the 92” 16:9 screen. I remain utterly smitten and impressed with my 2018 JVC RS440 projector. It’s perfect for the room.

The only new kit is a Dakin air conditioning unit. I’m very impressed with it - it works great and is very quiet due to the split unit design. The JVC throws out a lot of heat especially in HDR mode, so the air-con is a very welcome edition.

I even managed to find exactly the same wallpaper that I had used in 2011 in my original home cinema. I purchased the very last remaining rolls (it’s long since discontinued).

Room as it was when we moved in (with just the air-con unit professionally installed):


I had the centre light fitting removed and four down-lights installed in the ceiling. This is how it looked after wallpapering & painting:


I constructed a hardboard cover to permanently block the end window (located at the right-hand side of the property). We had internal shutters installed which are always closed.

The finished room with black felt and projection screen installed and IKEA towers for Blu-ray storage. The cabinet houses an Oppo 203 and Humax Freeview HD receiver. There’s an Amazon 4K Fire TV stick plugged into the Denon AVR X6200W:


Side view of the remaining window (looking out to the front of the house). You can see one of the home made acoustic panels on the wall. There are more on the ceiling:

Rear of the room & the ceiling mounted JVC RS440 projector:


It’s not a large space, but perfect for two and a totally immersive experience.

There is one small addition over the original home cinema - a small beer & cold snacks fridge 😀.



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Very nice setup. What make is the AV unit under the screen?

It's a Dome AV EH Cabinet that I purchased from in 2011, but it looks like that site has gone.

Here's the full equipment inventory (Updated 20th August 2021):

Humax HD-FOX T2 Freeview HD (DVB-T/T2) Digital Terrestrial TV Receiver
Fujitsu Lifebook E458 Laptop running Windows 10 Pro
Pluggable Active DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0b Adapter
2 x ATZEBE 10 metre Hybrid Fibre Optic HDMI Cables
APC BX1400UI Uninterruptable Power Supply Unit
AudioQuest DragonFly Black v1.5 USB DAC
Oppo UDP-203 UHD Blu-Ray/DVD Video/DVD Audio/AVCHD/SACD/CD Player
Denon X6200W AVR (Audio/Video Receiver)
JVC RS440 Reference Series D-ILA (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplification) Projector
Sapphire SFSC203 - 92” 16:9 Matt White Stretched Vinyl Fixed Frame Projection Screen
Amazon 4K Fire TV Stick (Providing access to BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, NetFlix, Disney+ etc.)
Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)
NetGear GS108Ev3 8 port Smart Managed Plus Gigabit Network Switch
SmartLife Hub and Dimmer providing Alexa integration for voice controlled light dimming
Pro Acoustic AFBT200 Foam Bass Traps
Corelli two seat electric recliner sofa from CSL (now Sofology, previously Sofaworks)
10 x IKEA Gnedby Storage Units in black-brown
Projector ceiling mount and gap plate by Unicol
DCSk 2.25mm German Made OPC Copper Speaker Wire
2 x 3 metre QED Ultra Compact Subwoofer Cable
Dome EH Dash1600 AV Cabinet
Blendworth Anthology Wallpaper - Barcode BL-1002
Black Handicraft Felt
Home Made Rockwool Sound Absorption Panels
Dakin split-system air-conditioning unit
Barcool 30L Silent Mini Fridge in Black (Bar 30 LED)


Centre Speaker: 1 x Monitor Audio Apex AW-40
Fronts: 2 x Monitor Audio Apex AW-10
Surrounds: 2 x Monitor Audio Apex AW-10
Rear Surrounds: 2 x Monitor Audio Apex AW-10
Overheads: 2 x Monitor Audio Shadow 50
Subwoofers: 2 x Monitor Audio Apex AW-12

Video Calibration:

X-Rite i1 Display Pro 3 Colorimeter
Portrait Displays (SpectraCal) CalMan (Home) Software Package

Audio Calibration:

Denon Audyssey MultEQ XT32
MiniDSP UMIK-1 with Room EQ Wizard (REW) Software Package

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Visio diagrams showing interconnects and speaker arrangements:


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Plan and 3D views that I created on

It's very easy to use - I've just got a free basic account and used the stock room & furniture objects:


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Very nice. Looks like a very tidy room/setup. :smashin:


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Amazing what you can achieve in a small room.
Yep. Us Brits don't often have really large spaces, but something more modest can still provide a great cinema.

How far do you sit from the screen?


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Yep. Us Brits don't often have really large spaces, but something more modest can still provide a great cinema.

How far do you sit from the screen?

When reclined, eyes are about 3 metres from the screen.
It feels like a real big screen experience, but field of view is perfect.

We love it 😍.


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