Small, good hi-fi speakers - suggestions please


As the title says - I'm after some compact but good speakers to partner a Denon D-M30 with a max budget of around £200-250. Or is it worth just sticking with the Mission ones as supplied with the unit?


My first concern would be that they need to be easy to drive.... i wouldnt say the amp that is in the denon is going to like anything remotely tricky..... which is unfortunate since you can get celestion A compacts at roughly your budget and they are stunners..... but tough todrive :(



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The Mission made Denon Speakers... or Mission M30 or M31!


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Mission 780se if £250 is burning a hole in your pocket. Wharfedale Evo10 another possibility. take your system to a dealers make sure it can cope.

Ed Selley

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Love the ELS-3 but I would suggest that the Denon's 22 watts of heavy distortion output wouldn't be ideal. Would vote for Mission or *ahem* Mordaunt Short as a more sensible (and sensitive) alternative.
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