Small front speaker stands?


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Getting a pair of the Sona stands from for my surround speakers (Jamo A102s) as below:

Ideally I would mount the front speakers (also Jamos) on the wall, but it's a rented flat and I have a very angry landlord who will flip if I touch his brand spanking new wallpaper.

Any suggestions of two small stands I can put next to the TV on either side. They need to be at a height of about 45cm or so.


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Anyone have any ideas? I have found several but they are all pretty thick/heavy stands - I really want thin, small stands to match the rears. These are only little Jamo speakers after all!


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Look at the one's from Maplin. Cheaper at 14.99 and almost the same thing. Got myself a pair yesterday and spray-painted them black to match my setup (as they are no longer available in black - pity!). Cheaper than and you can buy them from your local Maplin store - no need to wait for delivery.

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