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Question Small drone with good camera: I look for

I am new and would like to buy a drone, but only to make good videos; I don't care about other drone stuff. I'm a documentary filmmaker (amateur) and I'd like some advice: As I would only use the drone when traveling, so I'd like a light drone and the Mini 2 would be perfect. But its camera isn't (rightfully) very good, I shoot only in UHD (4K). I'd like to mix its video with video taken with a good video camera on the ground. I'm not interested in HDR, ftp, etc. at all. etc. etc. but I'm only interested in the purest image quality, in other words the one that the lens is able to bestow (in the day, not in the nightby day) without adding anything. In your opinion, what is the best quality / price / weight ratio of a drone that I could buy? Thanks for some info.


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Hello! Check out the Hubsan Zino Pro. The camera in this model meets your requirements. Also, the drone has powerful technical functions. The price is certainly not the lowest, but not thousands of dollars. Good value for money for me.
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