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Apr 14, 2004
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I am about to start converting a room into a cinema. It is not a large room…. 3.15m x 3.82m. I’m just wondering what people think might be the best orientation for the room.
I have a 2.1m wide Beamax M series electric screen 2.35:1 and an old Panasonic AE3000 projector. The pj will get updated soon, but the screen is really good and I’d quite like to keep it, although I can see the attraction of a fixed screen. I intend to cover walls/ceiling in velvet.
I don’t think the room is wide enough to project across (unless I get a smaller screen) which means the screen has to either go in front of the window or the door. Problem with putting it in front of window is that the seating would then block the door, unless we get a small sofa which then won’t really accommodate the four of us.
So my current thinking is to put sofa in front of window (pulled forward so I can do 5.1.4) have screen drop down in front of door, meaning that if anyone needs to leave room during film, it has to be paused and screen retracted. How much of a pain will that be?
Speakers are B & W M1 and I can fit one in behind the door if I put a door stop in. Alternatively, I put a sliding door in there.
Depending on cost, there is a possibility to pinch some of the double garage and make the room larger, but we have just had an extension built, so money is tight and that money could then be spent on new PJ!
Screenshot of floor plan attached. Any thoughts on layout much appreciated.
Yep - that’s what I’m looking at. Do you think one of those and then put the screen in front of the window?
You’re not being thick! Problem with screen in front of window is sofa blocking door. Pocket door would def help, but ultimately we would probs be better off with smaller sofa!
It’s the room marked “bedroom 5” on the floor plan. 3.15m across, 3.8m from door to window.
Looking at the throw and the fact that you have a 2.35:1 screen, in order to use this screen you would need a throw length from projectors lens to screen of 2.83m-4.49m. If you could place the projector within this throw, you would be able to use the auto zoom ratio. This is based on you moving to the new version of your projector which is the Epson EH-TW9400. The Panasonic has a slightly different throw allowing the closest you can place the projector's lens at 2.82m.

Now the screen is quite a small screen at 90" diagonal for 2.35:1 screen so finding a smaller one might be hard. I'd say the best options (even though I enjoy the change in screen ratio more) is to settle with a traditional standard widescreen 1.78:1 (16/9) screen. This would mean that you should be better able to find the right size screen for your room

I feel for a standard sized screen with the throw you have one offer across the shortest part of the room, you will be looking at a 77" screen to once you've taken into account the depth of the projector plus cable space

As an alternative, maybe you could look at an UST projector which can be mounted at the front of the room, these can be used as projectors and an external surround sound system even though they usually have a soundbar built in. This way will enable you to have either a 100" or 120" diagonal fixed framed image

I've experienced the Hisense 120L5FT and can say it was a marked improvement over the Optoma's I've viewed. As far as I'm aware, they also come and install both the screen and projector for the price which certainly makes it look a lot more affordable
Thanks all. Quite keen to move up to LS12000 when it becomes available, or if I can find one, an N5. I think my AE3000 will fill the current screen firing across the room, but the Epsons, due to their increased length, won’t.
I’m happy to take reduced 16/9 size for wider 2.35:1. The change is a big factor. Hate the wider films looking smaller than normal TV programmes.
I’ll ask builder about different options for the door when they’re back in our house next week. Also need to get a price for removing the wall on the left as you enter room, and pinching a metre or so of double garage. That could then be really good sized room!
Not an ideal solution but might be cost effective would be to move the door entrance to wall of double garage? (Assuming you can access the garage from house also).

Personally I would say blocking the door with screen would be a huge compromise and anyone watching film would feel awkward if they needed to pop to loo etc.
Sadly door can’t move. I think sliding/pocket door with slightly smaller sofa is best solution, assuming enlarging room into garage is too much ££££

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