Small compact camera,which one for my budget?

ian dem

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Hello all,i am looking for a new digital camera & have a budget of £175.00 max.
I have looked at the following:- Canon ixus i zoom,Fuji f11,Panny FX01.
I want something thats small,pocket sized & fairly easy to use. :smashin:
It will be mostly for outdoors,but the occasional indoor stuff etc,i've been leaning towards the canon i zoom but maybe i'm just being taken in by the good looks? :rolleyes:

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks,Ian

ian dem

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thanks for the avalanche of replies chaps!! ;) :D


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Personally I'd go with the Panasonic FX01 but I think it's maybe £25.00 above your budget.
It's smaller than the Canon and has a 28mm (35mm equiv) lens at the wide end.


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Ixus image quality is very good in general, so they don't just look nice from the outside. They're also pretty logical/easy to use and fairly robust in terms of build quality.

I'd have thought image quality would be pretty comparable between your cameras of choice (no direct experience of those particular models)for average shooting (unless you are really critical). And I woudn't stress too much over noise levels unless (a) You like to scrutinise your shots at 100% on screen looking for noise or (b)You want to make huge prints. The one feature that stands out is the Panasonic has image stabilisation which can be very handy. But that might not be important to you....

The other deciding factor is size/handling, cameras the Ixus series are very small (which is what you say you want) but they might be TOO small for some, or handling might be better on one of the others. Have you actually seen/handled any of them? If so that might swing it one way or t'other....

If you haven't seen it already, this site may help you in your research (or give you more options to confuse you further!!)

ian dem

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Thanks for the help everyone!! :thumbsup:

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