small Combination TV/DVD unit


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Sorry, I know this isn't really appropriate hardware to be discussing on here......:( But I'm hoping that someone has some experience of whats good or bad.......

I know I can do better by buying a separate DVD player, but this is going in a bedroom on a wall bracket so an integrated unit really is the best option.

Not looking to spend a fortune, but don't want to buy a duffer!!

Philips have a promo on a 14" unit at the moment with free Jungle Book DVD (!) thats £149 at Amazon for example (also stocked at Currys etc).

Anyone any experience??


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Thanks Lynx

Seems to be a question of whether I go cheapest and cheerful for a "no-brand" at £100 ish, or spend £50 more and get the Philips. Since the Philips also has V37 for screen size I reckon it'll be the latter.



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I've returned 2 Philips combi portables (both had diabolical geometry problems). I have a Lodos and it is a decent set especially considering the price.The dvd player is multi region and plays all sorts of discs without any problems including RW+/-.

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