Small budget 2 channel (or 2.1) amp with HDMI ARC


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I am considering replacing my soundbar with a 2.0 or 2.1 speaker setup, which I would also use for music a bit more. Right now I usually play youtube over the nvidia shield into the soundbar, so the sound quality is meh, but it has a subwoofer so it's ok-ish for movies.

So beside the budget, there is also the wife factor, and she doesn't want something too huge and ugly in the living room (which I agree with, I am not going for ultimate audiophile quality). :)

I was basically considering a pair of coloured KEF LSXs because they are pretty stylish (to both me and wife), but the issues I have with them are:
  • the remote is apparently crap
  • the app is apparently crap
  • no HDMI ARC, so I really need the remote which is apparently crap :)
  • 1000EUR price is perhaps a bit too much for my needs (although it just fits the top of my budget).
    KEF LSX in mint green
So I was thinking of perhaps getting either some other a pair of active speakers with HDMI ARC, or going with much cheaper passive speakers but getting a cheap amp that I can hide somewhere below the TV, which would be equipped with HDMI ARC.

Do you guys have any suggestions about such setup? Something below 1000 EUR total, on the smallish side, nice looking. Ideally the amp could be hidden somewhere in my TV cabinet and controlled completely over HDMI ARC, I don't really have too much space for a large full-sized AV receiver and all the hi-fi components.

I was also considering:

  • Klipsch The Fives (have HDMI ARC, but they are bigger and not as nice looking (to me):

  • Tangent Spectrum X5 BT (nice looking, no HDMI, cheaper, but probably sound is worse than the others):

  • Any other cheap passive speakers with the abovementioned HDMI ARC amp (I hope I could at least save some money this was and possibly even get better sound),

    - KEF Q150 should also be pretty fine I believe.
    - Q Acoustics 3020 perhaps
    - E.g. Polk ES15 are ~4x cheaper, perhaps not as pretty as KEFs
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Bluesound Powernode N330 has everything you need. It is small, has a good amount of power output, has a subwoofer crossover with high pass to mains if you decide to go 2.1 and the app is nice.

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