Small bookshelf placement and recommendations please!


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Hi all

i currently have a couple of Zensor 1s and one has blown. The photo shows our living room. Shelves and cabinets have recently been added and you can see where turntable has been placed.

I am very restricted as to soaker pavement and size as the fireplace/floor standers are completely ruled out for aesthetic reasons (non negotiable). That leaves either side of the turntable, which is a no no, or small bookshelf speakers in one of two places:

A. Both on shelf above turntable. Ear level but quite close together.

B. One on each shelf above on either side of alcove. Shelf above tv Height. Above ear level but wider soundscape.

The big caveat is that those selves limit speaker height to around 27cm. They are quite deep though.

my questions to the forum are:

1. What are the best book shelf speakers out there under 27cm in height

2. Where would you put them. A or B above?

My budget is less than 400. Only used to vinyl and music streaming.Not home cinema.

I appreciate all this limits me but I can live with that and am lookinG for best option possible with these constraints.

Any guidance much appreciated!!


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I think these might interest you. Stunning speaker by all accounts in a diminutive box.


As Costello says, top class tinies.

Also, put the tv above the fire thing and speakers on absorbent support either side of the fire.


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I’m with @Paul7777x, put the tv on the fire breast and the speakers on the first shelf up in the middle. If you need to hide wires and are worried about heat from the fire put it on a shelf and line the underside with aluminium sheet.


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Thanks everyone. TV above fireplace is another no-no I'm afraid.

I thought placing bookshelf speakers on their side was not encouraged - if it's not a big deal, then that would be a great solution...!


Given only the two options, I'd go for B with the speakers on their sides (I've never had a problem with speakers on their sides). I'd definitely want the wider sound stage, and I don't think having them a bit higher would be much of a problem.

Shame you can't put the TV on the chimney breast with a speaker either side - I think that would be ideal.


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Bear in mind that the vast majority of "bookshelf" speakers are totally unsuitable for placing on a bookshelf & need a decent amount of space behind/around them. So you're probably limited to sealed box or front ported designs. You'll also need to make provision for some sort of isolating material underneath them.

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