Small bedroom setup help - 2.1?



As much as I'd like to fork out on a 5.1 setup, space doesn't allow room for this. So I'm looking into getting a 2.1 surround system and have spent a good deal of time looking to find a system many people agree on!

I'm currently running a Samsung LCD LE20S51BP TV, with Sky Plus and an old Toshiba DVD player, which can be forfeited for a new player with upscaling preferably. I've also got a Wii but that's not really that important. I'm really just after a system for movies and SKY.

I've looked at a few all in a box examples such as the Philips HTS6600 (doesn't have an optical input/output) or a few of the Samsung models (which are frowned upon), but can't seem to find anything that people agree on.

My budget is about £350 - £400. Like I said I don't have the space or cash to get something out of this world. Something that gives a good performance, can link with SKY + and isn't going to be out of date any time soon would be ideal! With or without DVD player, I'm not fussed.

Any tips please? Thanks.

Chilly Willy

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Hi mate,

Why don't you consider an amp & speaker package - like a Yamaha. Even if you purchase 5.1 speaker system, it maybe possible not to connect the rear speakers, but have them available whenever you want a 5.1 system.

Hope this has helped :thumbsup:

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