Small as Possible?


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Hi Chaps,

what is the smallest PC you can get for a reasonable price?

I'm a contractor, and rather than dragging round a laptop every day I want to just carry the CPU, and leave the monitor keyboard, mouse at the office.




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Mac-minis are tiny and will run Windows if you needed.

I have a MacBook Pro and run parallels. The problem is its too slow when running
Project and Visio.

If I use boot camp on a Mini mac do these apps run at morre reasonable speed?




Need more info. Do you need a PC with it's own power supply? Or will you run off mains? I take it the unit must be usable in a single unit (ie a laptop)

What about strapping a LCD and keyboard to a atx case with duct tape?:D
Hey Martin

Maybe a Shuttle XPC is what you need. I use one as my main PC and love it. It's not as small as they go, but it fits into an over-shoulder bag nicely and isn't too heavy.

I have 2gb of RAM, 2 hard drives, and an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 in there. There's also 1 PCI-E slot and 1 PCI slot so you don't need to compromise on sound quality, and hopefully not much on video if you're a gamer.

They have an AMD-based version as well.

Picture on top of my old PC tower:

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