Small amp for iPod integration with additional Aux - any suggestions?


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I've got a fairly old (but good, imo) Aiwa mini system of which the CD player has gone pop. The speakers are fine and because of where they're positioned there's no real benefit from upgrading them. I've got my Thorens record player going through a Rotel phono stage into the mini system Aux input.
I want to ditch the mini system tower and buy a small amp which can accept an iPod input or dock and is capable of controlling or taking over the iPod menu system via remote control.......AND has an Aux input for the phono stage.
Any suggestions?


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How much do you want to spend?
Most small units are fully fledged mini systems. The only small amp/receiver I can think of with Ipod integration is Cambridge Audio's Sonata DR30, but that's £300 with dock.



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Mmm, definitely a candidate, thanks. Certainly fits the bill as far as spec goes but the 215mm width could be an issue - space is very tight. Thanks.

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