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I currently have a cheapish (£200) samsung 5.1 system which came with a full set of wall mountable speakers, i have added a 12" sub to improve the sound and it is now much better and also a vast improvement over my TV speakers obviously.

I'm now looking to by a used Yamaha RX 1600 or other equiv, and will need some better speakers. My problem is i only have a small living room and my speakers (mainly centre and rears) need to be as small as possible.

One of the rears is placed behind my front door and can't be too big or i won't be able to open the door fully, the centre is mounted under my plasma and if it's more than 5" deep will stand out a mile and the Mrs won't have it :thumbsdow

The front speakers aren't too much trouble as there is prob enough room for them as long as the drivers are tall enough to make it over the arm of my other sofa or can be easily wall mounted without looking daft.

Many thanks for your help and advise

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Depending on budget then IMO your best option will be one of the lifestyle systems along the lines of...

Q Accoustics 1010i
Q Accoustics 2000
Kef KHT 1005.2 / 2005.3
Mission M Cubes
Boston Soundware XS
Monitor Audio Vector

These aren't cheap start at around £300 & range upto £800 but they will be your best bet I think.




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Thanks for that,

i'll take a look at them when i get home and see what i like, If they are 300 - 800 new I'll keep my eyes open for a used set and see how far i can stretch my budget.

Many thanks



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No problem Andy happy to help out.

If you can wait then I'd definitely keep an eye out for some used one's you'd be able to get much more for your budget that way.

Also if you have a Richer Sounds nearby they currently have the Q Accoustics 1010i @ £250 & that's a cracking price for what is regarded as one of the best entry level 5.1 speaker setups available.
Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 Black | 5.1 Speaker Package | Richer Sounds

Oh & if your budget cant quite stretch that far they do have a few setups at under £200 like...

Canton Movie 80CX @ £180
Jamo A102 HCS5 @ £170
Tannoy SFX 5.1 @ £200

All would be worth a listen to if you can & look like they'd fit what you need.


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