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I’ve had my 49SM8500 for a week and a half now, I am struggling with the picture quality. Watching football games is terrible, in sport mode the ball keeps wanting to disappear When the ball is hit hard, I’ve turned off trumotion which fixes the Problem but then the quality reduces, I have the same issue with all picture modes when watching football, I think the overall picture quality is terrible....Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I seem to notice massive picture quality drops depending on the content I’m watching, I would say the only time I’m happy with the quality is when I’m watching films in cinema mode, PLEASE HELP.
I’m wondering if I’ve got a faulty TV or if the TV itself is just poorly quality.
It’s taken me ages to buy what I thought was a good quality TV without spending a kings ransom, but I’m so disappointed and I’m massively regretting my choice even though on paper it’s a good tv for the money.


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As an owner of a 49SM8500PLA, overall I couldn’t be more happy with the picture quality. There is a bit of bleeding of brights in DV/HDR playback which I still need to tinker with, but other than that, no complaints. I use Cinema mode for all sources, allowing the TV to select DV and HDR parameters itself.

For me, Trumotion = Clear gives the best picture/lip sync compromise, but there are other settings that can and will affect picture quality. You may indeed have a duff set, but without you providing details of what picture modes and settings you have, there’s no way to be sure.


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Hi @GoldenBoy1982 as with @Clem_Dye as he knows I have the 55SM8600 model and I to could not be happier it's by far the very best LG TV iv owned yet.

Iv owned by TV now around 4months and I fully calibrated my TV useing Rtings Calman calibration settings which intials using "ISF Dark Mode" all White balance IRE settings & Colour Management settings of primary & secondary Colours.

I use LG technicolour EXPERT HDR10 Pro mode as that uses LGs proprietary Dynamic Cinema Tone mapping for both HDR10 & HLG-HDR10 according to LG and its in their UK Web site.

I also use Cinema Home for Dolby Vision as that's been specifically designed for use for Dolby Vision Meta Data and gives the highest possible peak brightness for DV.

Anyhow its not a 5 min job and it took me most part of a afternoon and early evening to get the TV how I like it.

As with @Clem_Dye yeah you get a bit of so called "light bleed" but on my panal it's acutally not that bad at all and it only more noticeable when watching either HDR10 OR DV content and even then does not bother me at all or don't make a deal of it and you kinda get used to it or your eyes get used to it. For me it not dies effect my viewing pleasure at all compared to some folks making comments like "it's unwatchable" or "terrible contrast ratios" bla.. Bla.

All IPS and VA panals give some sort of lightbleed it its just inherent in the technology, like DSE or banding so yep unfortunately the famous "panal lottery".

Iv tested my panal sevral times now over the past 4 months and "touch wood" it's pretty dam clean for IPS screen for banding DSE. Light bleed is hardly their with normal SDR pictures and for me take the time to set these SM models up and I get some seriously stunning pictures as well as decent blacks in my opinion.

I also use some decent "bias lighting" which not only helps with my health on my eyes also greatly improves watching TV in the evenings for long periods of time.

You must bare in mine that for most people it can take a good few weeks to get your own TV looking just the way you want it to.

Anyways all the best buddy. :thumbsup:

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