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Hi Guys, bit of strange issue and tricky to explain so bear with me.

I have a sky q box in the lounge, connected via cable to the sky q hub router. I have the sky q box linked via a booster to a sky q mini (over wifi) in the front room. All good so far.

Now, i have a switch connected to the router which feeds to a few local devices such as tv and bluray and also connects via a long cable up to another switch in the loft room which then connects to cctv and nas drive. Again all good so far and access to all devices is fine.

Now, I add a sky q mini box in the loft room and it is too far for wifi signal to connect it to the main sky q box so i connected via cable to the switch in the loft. This seems to work perfect for access to sky and the streaming apps on the sky q mini in the loft room but then, for some reason, unless i am connected wirelessly to the sky q mini box in the loft room, i cannot access the cctv or Nas drive from any other computer in the house (including one linked by ethernet to the main router via a switch).

The switch downstairs is a simple unmanaged netgear affair. The switch in the loft room is a repurposed netgear router with ww-drt firmware installed on it - works perfectly as a dumb switch with this, no DHCP server used on this one.

As soon as I unplug the q mini box ethernet cable I have access to those two devices again. I cannot even access the settings page for the re-purposed router when the sky q mini is plugged in.

Can anyone explain what might be causing this issue and suggest a fix (apart from keeping the sky q mini ethernet unplugged)
Hi there, whilst I only have minimal experience in this, I have had similar issues for a number of months (possibly longer) with regards to SkyQ simply blocking access (at what appears to be a firmware layer) to "some" devices attached to the home network.

My SkyQ configuration is as follows:

SkyQ main box is ethernet cabled to SkyQ hub (router).
SkyQ mini (box 1) and SkyQ mini (box 2) are wifi meshed through the SkyQ hub (router).

I have a switch attached to my SkyQ hub (router). Off the back off this I have a load of stuff, one being my Synology NAS.

If I try to connect to the NAS either via wifi or ethernet I can see it, but can't connect. If at any point I am connecting through the SkyQ hardware it seems to restrict access. Can see devices, ping etc, but simply can't access resources.

Weirdly, the same applies to connecting to home computers, from within my home network via Splashtop (I work in a garden office, wife works in her own office upstairs in house, it's easier to resolve an IT issue for her from my own desktop than trudge upstairs and actually have face to face contact - haha).

Sky obviously deny this is anything their side and naturally blame Synology / Splashtop / anything else because they don't support other computer thingys. #frustration (regardless of me saying that if I plug Synology into a switch, a laptop into a switch, manually IP them then funnily enough it works fine!!!!)

Solution (kind of):

I have put the SkyQ mesh onto it's own 2.4GHz SSID (apparently SkyQ loves 2.4GHz).
I then bought and added another wireless AP and created another, separate SSID on the 5GHz band for everything else.

I could also add another router off the Sky hub and separate things entirely, but for now it seems to be working ok. In fact, working slightly better, SkyQ is slicker over distance, and I can access my stuff. Yey.

This does mean I'm not taking advantage of the SkyQ mini's acting as wireless AP's themselves, but I plan to ditch Sky Broadband anyway, so providing wireless coverage via other means would be needed regardless - Sky are CLEARLY stopping me accessing my stuff when passing through their kit (I read somewhere it is over panic that someone would use a NAS or similar to record TV or something - I'm not technically minded like this so I don't know what truth there is, if any - point is they plead ignorance when pressed, so what else am I to do).

Sorry for the ramble - hope that helps a bit.


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Sounds like you might have two devices with the same IP address. I'd start out by checking out the IP address space - map out how all the devices obtain their IP addresses, then list out what IP address is ascribed to what. In particular, look out for any devices that may have ascribed addresses manually (such as your DD-wrt router) and ensure such IP addresses are outside the range of IP addresses being serviced by your DHCP Server. Initially, check the addresses on the device themselves, not your DHCP Servers Lease table, then go check the lease table and see how that corresponds.

Also, your repurposed router will need to connect to the ethernet uplink by one of it's "LAN" and not it's "WAN/Internet" port unless DD-WRT has repurposed the WAN/Internet port as an additional LAN port. If not, you may have split the network into two separate subnets.
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Sky Q can be fickle with sometimes with networking and can cause some weird issues.

I solved an issue yesterday that was caused by a Sky Q Mini that caused traffic including DHCP to stop working on the network. A reboot of the Sky Q Mini was all that was required to resolve it. It's happened twice in 6 months.

I have also had issues with Jumbo Frames on managed switches and Sky Q but this seems to be ok now.

Have you tried switching the WiFi off in the hidden menu on the Sky Q Mini?

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