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can anybody advise me . is it possible to conect my canon 400d slr camera to a loewe individual 32 tv so i can veiw my photos. thanks.


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Looks like it's got "video out"...

Other: Video output (PAL/ NTSC)

Not sure if this is SVideo or just Composite Video. You'd need to take a look at the cables that came with the camera. Also, it's not going to be a fantastic picture (might be OK though). For best quality you need "HDMI out" which is becoming a standard on some of the mid-range cameras..


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You should have a yellow cable that came with your camera. It plugs into the left side of your camera and the phono plug on the other end should fit your TV, or if not you can use a scart adapter.

If you select auto play from the camera menu then it will do a slide show for you.


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thanks for your reply but my tv hasnt got a vidio out.which scart cable should i get.
Your TV needs video in
Are you absolutely sure it doesnt have one.? I dont know any TV which doesnt.TBH .:confused: Called "AV in" sometimes, and a Yellow phono input


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You can use the scart adaptors that come with most games consoles...Wii, Xbox...

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