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how can i speed up my computer start up at the moment it takes about 15 minutes for it to load i try to limit start up programs often defrag and run spyware programs please help


Go to Start - Run and type in msconfig, go to the Startup tab and take out any startup programs you feel you don't need.

Also, instead of shutting down your PC you could select Sleep instead, this just suspends your PC but using the bare minimum of power. Waking up your PC from this will be much quicker than starting it from scratch.


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let us now your pc specs and o/s and what antivirus you are using

if 2000/xp/vista right click on my computer and tell us what it says



then hold down ctrl alt delete key at the same time this brings up task manger(if vista choose start task manger) and let us now what %cpu is on and what %ram -pf -memory is using


It's most likely a combination of random programs starting with windows, fragmented HDD and messy registry.

I'd format the HDD and reinstall windows if you have a disc. The PC will run like the day you got it if you do.


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Suspend to Ram (Sleep with S3) is a fairly good thing to use (I use it even though my PC isn't too slow at booting, but I prefer it taking 10 seconds compared to a few minutes).

Possibly slipstreaming the latest service pack and hotfixes and doing a reinstall will give you a boost for a while.

Might also want to put more ram in too.


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I'd format the HDD and reinstall windows if you have a disc.

I would second this, if it's taking literally 15 minutes to startup then windows is likely to be hanging around and waiting for something - it should be taking no more than two or three.

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