slow speed (3-4MB) over wirelless N 300


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I'm getting wireless lan speeds of about 3-4MB which seems very very little to me, since i am connected at +200Mbps with my pc (dlink dwa 140 dongle) and +100Mbps with laptop, in my opinion it should be around 8-9MB at least.

I have been searching the internet for 5 days now and tried a lot of different settings.
At a certain point I restored it to factory settings and got 6-7MB but that quickly dropped again...

If needed i'll install additional programs for testing or providing figures because i know that windows and dlink config tools are not so accurate.

Recorded speeds are from NAS to clients.

I also tried wiring the laptop to the switch and got 9-10MB, wiring it directly to the nas got me to 35MB so no problems there. There has to be something wrong with my wireless configuration.

I have the following setup:

dlink DIR-655, A4 latest firmware: 1.31EU->Cabled to a Dlink switch (DES 1005D) -> synology nas ds210+

My office is about 5Meters from the router, 1 wall in between.

I have 2 wireless clients, 1 pc (in the office), 1 laptop.
Pc connects with a dlink dwa140 dongle, laptop with build in wifi (intel 4965AGN)

Both get around 3-4MB.

According to the webGUI of the router, the dongle connection speed goes up and down from 110 to 270 with various signal strengths, laptop is pretty stable at 115-130(Max).

Router is configured for n&g network only,
security WPA 2 AES, group key interval 3600
channel Nr to 13 (works best),
Channel Width: set to 20/40Auto
Transmission rate: auto

Any tips on what to change or test would be greatly appreciated!

Also, could somebody with the a 'n 300Mbps router please post their real world speeds so i can compare?

Thanks a lot!

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