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Slow PSP memory cards?


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I have a 4GB Sony card which I suspect is fake (Ebay), a 4GB Sandisk card that I would expect to be 100% genuine (mymemory) and recent purchase, a 4GB Sony MARK 2 which had better be real (Play)

EVERY ONE OF THESE CARDS is slow, jerky playback on Gran Theft Auto and Pro Evo!

My mate has a Sandisk Gaming 4GB card, and his card with Gran Theft Auto plays just fine on my PSP.

The reason I bought the MARK 2 Sony is because I was assured it was high speed, improved vastly data transfer speeds, over and above the so called "gaming" range Sandisk offer.

What's going on? The Firmware is 3.90m33 and I'm assured that the MARK 2 Sony card works just fine on this F/W, and the word is that these cards are much faster???

Have I been terribly unlucky AGAIN? Anyone know of any sort of software fix that can get my PSP to use the (theoretic) potential of the faster MARK 2 card?



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I'd bet that you're using CSO's...GTA is notoriously bad for slowdown but if you want to play it more smoothly just use the ISO that you dumped from the UMD without compressing it, and boost the CPU speed to 333Hz in the VSH menu (push Select on the XMB).

You could also apply the fatsmod patch since the MS driver in 3.90 is not up to scratch...Scotty posted a guide to doing this on this forum a while ago. Or update to 4.01 M33-2 as i believe MS access is faster in that firmware over 3.80 and 3.90.


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Cheers xist, my GTA is an ISO tho :( I will get my mates ISO tho, just incase it is compressed but still named ISO (???)
Will update F/W and let you know... Cheers for the info again, a forum for all things electrical this ;)

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