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I recently switched over to BT Infinity Option 2 and I my speeds are generally around 36Mb/s down and 6Mb/s up.

However, when on a newsgroup (Thundernews) my average download speed is only about 1 or 2 megs. BT's traffic management info says that newsgroups are not throttled (LINK).

Anyone experiencing the same or got any ideas how to get full speed from a newsgroup?


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Have you tried switching between the UK/US server? Have you got SSL switched on?

Have you tried using BT's own Usenet server instead (news.btinternet.com I believe)?
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I was using a SSL US connection but even if I switch to the EU non-SSL connection it makes little difference.

I didn't know there was a BT usenet server - will investigate further and try it out....

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ISP Usenet servers do not have the same retention as premium services, this may or may not be an issue to you.

I'm not with BT so cannot comment but for my 100Meg on Virgin I found the downloads from Giganews to be slow until I selected port 443.

Try changing the port you are using and see if that helps.


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From what I gather, BT newsgroup retention is circa 150 days and permits 3 connections limited to 170KB/s - So not as good as a paid for service.

I just fired up a NewsBin Pro (normally use SAB) to fetch all headers from a random group using the news.btinternet.com and the download speed was around 60KB/s

Changing the port to 443 for Thundernews on SAB didn't make much difference. I will continue to play around with my settings and report back if I find anything. Any other hints would be appreciated :)


maybe bt are throttling to try stop people downloading copyright illegal stuff

have you tryed using a vpn proxy

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I use SAB also.

From past experience with BT I think Accyuklad may be correct, I have known them to throttle certain protocols in the past.

As Accyuklad suggests, I would try a VPN next, Newsbin have a discount running at the minute and the software you download enables a VPN, although browsing the web is slow through it the downloads come down full pelt.


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I tried the flyvpn.com free trial and my external IP changed from 86.171.xxx.xxx to 184.22.xxx.xxx but the SAB download speed peaks at no more than 500KB/s. Nowhere near the 1 to 2 meg I was previous getting. I'm going backwards!

Can anyone recommend a vpn proxy to try out before I give up on that idea?


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I boughtt 50gb from news demon and was getting 4mB/s constant. This was on a late Friday evening as well so I doubt they are throttling usenet

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