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slot-loading blu-ray player - will it scratch DVDs?


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I am looking at the Samsung BD-D6500 Blu-Ray player, which has a slot-loading suction system like a car cd player instead of a tray, and I'm concerned with it possibly scratching dvd discs. Is this a concern? I know some car cd players have been known to scratch cds, and I have read in the past that some DVD players with slot-loading mechanisms would have trouble with dual-sided dvd discs because they were slightly thicker and would get stuck. Ever since I've read that I have avoided these slot-loading players

Does anybody here have any experience with this model? It seems to be a popular model - how well does it load dual-sided discs, and does it leave any scratches on DVDs? I know Blu-Rays are resistant to scratches, but DVDs are not.


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Try Googling for some user reviews of the machine...?


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Well I've been doing that for over 2 hours - I can't find anybody even mentioning how well the disc load system works - good or bad. Everybody just talks about the apps and disc playback. I want to know if I can trust the slot-loading mechanism to not eat or scratch my discs, and nobody talks about that.
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All PS3's have a slot. Never heard of it being a problem.


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Well that's interesting to hear. I didn't think about the PS3s. That's true - I'm sure I would have heard something about that being a problem by now if the PS3s were scuffing discs.

I was concerned about how Samsung has implemented the feature - you would think they would test for dual-sided discs, etc - but then again, sometimes it's surprising what manufacturers can overlook (like I mentioned in my first post, how some old DVD slot-loaders would jam up on DVD-9 discs.

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