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Don't know if this is the correct forum for this, but give it a go!

Have seen some comments about these and wondered if anyone here has one of these and what their experience of them is?

Do they work reliably? Is the quality better than a gimmic? Is this something that will be around for a few years, or will it be a defunt white elephant in a couple of years? (ok I know no-one can actually answer the the last question, but I'm after some genuine, sensible opinions!)


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Bought one the other day and I think it has potential and is more than just a gimmick.

Watching those sporting events (WC daytime matches) or big news stories on your works PC or when you're abroad and have no access to UK TV.

Controlling your Sky+ or PVR remotley when you forget to set the timer or find out something good is on TV and you'll be home late from work.

Tidy up your Sky+ planner or PVR recordings or dump stuff to DVD. The general 'digital housekeeping' which you can't get done in the evening.

Hook up a video camera and use it as a 'security/web cam'

Use it as a sort of 'video sender' to watch TV in other rooms, or even on a laptop in the garden!

I'm sure there are other possibilities

You will need a fast upload speed (250k upwards) to get a decent (VHS quality) stream over the internet.

Works very smooth over a LAN though.

Tempted yet? :)
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