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Slingbox to Humax help

Discussion in 'Networking & NAS' started by Pezz18, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Pezz18

    Pezz18 Standard Member

    Aug 7, 2009
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    Hi, im not sure if this is posted in the correct place?
    I am wanting to know if it is possible to stream my slingbox to my humax pvr....

    I can log onto my laptop and watch my slingbox in my web browser, yet from there i want to now stream this over my network to my humax HDFOX-T2 so i can basically watch the stream from my laptop on my tv.

    I'm not sure if this is actually possible, i have tried messing about with tversity, but can't get it to work, have also tried seviio, yet again, cant get it to work. Im not 100% sure it is possible, and i realise the humax is fussy about what it plays!

    any ideas? can anyone help? or any other suggestion to watch what i am streeming from my slingbox account in the web browser, to my tv!?

    thanks alot

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