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Getting ready for university next year and plan on moving out of halls to student accommodation. The place i have been looking at provide a free fibre optic 8mb connection which can be upgraded to faster if needed. My friend already there says the connection is very good and stable and with things like torrents get quite a decent speed. My home upload speed is variable but at the minute it's not a problem for me.

I have SkyHD multiroom at home. I plan to get a slingbox connected to the net, use the sling player on my pc in my room which in turn would also be connected to my 32" tv. Hopefully providing me with Sky in my room. I know the quality is not going to be fantastic but i am pretty sure it will be fine for general viewing, i can't do without recording things when i need to :laugh:.

Next question, which sling box can i use? I have noticed the 'classic' going cheap but is there any limitations with that over the other ones i have seen (solo, pro? i think)

I also have an iPhone so being able to receive it on there would be an extra bonus but maybe not worth more money just to get that extra feature :D.

I plan to go off and google now, but have there been any remote solutions set up for this? I know you can get such programs to program bluetooth remote controls to different functions depending on the button pressed. Although i am not sure if this would work with the sling player program i shall look into.
A little like how the playstation remote can be used with XBMC.

Thanks :D


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I'm looking into a similar sort of thing. If you find out anything, please post in here and I'll do the same.

I want to basically get a slingbox so I can watch on iPhone. Can I watch something that's been recorded on my planner while somebody watches something else though? Or does it play on the TV at the same time? That wouldn't be a big problem but just wondering.
I don't get time to watch some thing at home so wouldn't mind catching up during lunch hour in work.

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