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Hey guys

I've just bought a small flat in Cyprus to use over the summer and when I travel there for work... I want to get some UK TV there so I have looked at the Slingbox but wanted to ask a few questions about it...

In my home I want to connect it to my Skybox which is in the living room at home, I don't have an internet connection near it so does it work on wifi or can it connect to my N1 wireless router which is in another room?

I take it if my laptop is connected to the tv in my flat can I just make it full screen thus allowing me to view the programs on the tv?

Also if I connect my sky hd box from the back if it using the scart to slingbox, will it actually get a picture as the sky box is set to output via HDMI which is connected to my tv set???

Many thanks


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Slingbox does not have Wi-Fi built in. You will need the SlingLink Turbo which works over the mains rather than wi-fi (presumably better for video streaming). I have installed two of these, both into old ropey houses with old ropey mains and it worked fine. In fact it's better than I thought it would be, nicely packaged product, good instructions, and apart from having to setup the router to port forward any idiot could set this up. Even me! (although I got stuck on the router)

So yes, in the new place in Cyprus or even anywhere in your home where the slingbox is, you just get in up on the lappy and then hit full screen mode (it does it automatically after a period of time) and it looks exactly like a TV. I have a second Sky HD box at my house purely for my mother to watch TV on from her house in California. I set her up a mac mini onto her 42" plasma and it looks pretty good.

I have just over 1mb UPLOAD speed, but other places I have worked in the country and/or with lower bandwidth contracts seem to only manage a few 100 kbps. I would say the minimum for a watchable image is 500-600 - so a contract which gives you 512 upload spead would have to be able to run at full pace 24/7. I'm with bethere who go up to 2mb upload (distance from exchange gets me), but I think most ISPs have higher priced options with faster upload.

You can connect to Sky using the component video output and stereo audio cables. This will give you HD connection. What I would consider is setting the box to AUTO so that SD channels are only output at SD resolution (leaving more bandwidth for detail rather than unnecessarilly upscaled SD resolution).

Otherwise the cheapest and easiest is to use s-video and stereo audio. On a Sky HD box ALL video outputs run simultaneously.

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