Slingbox in the UK with HDMI?


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So I have a full subscription of basically every channel on Sky Q in my main home but I just bought a second home and I found that Sky do not give a discount for second homes so thinking of a device like a Slingbox.

So it looks like the US slingboxes have HDMI as an input but the UK ones don't? I'm sure I could find a way to connect my SkyQ box to a Slingbox using component etc but wondered why? Is there a better alternative to Slingbox?

Also, I am assuming I need a mini PC or something at the other end running the Slingplayer and have an HDMI output from that PC to my TV? I am guessing there is no other way to play Slingplayer content to a full size TV?

I'm not an AV expert so looking for any advice. Thanks all.


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I was told that Sky cross check against the sky box being connected to a phone line which is geolocated?

I thought Sky Go only gave you some of the content your full sky package does?


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$ky boxes long ago stopped using the phone line. $ky Q boxes don't have the connection for it anyway. Any authorising is done by internet connection as needed for catchup etc.,. and internet can go down for days on end ;)

You will need to read up on any limitations if you relocate the box - Google will find suitable info with a search.
NB the dish at the other location will need a wideband lnb to suit Q.

I have not had $ky for well over 10 years now. So really cannot advise you accurately based on my experience - I'm only repeating what others have said elsewhere.


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If you have Sky Go, you will be able to watch all content you can on your main box. The issue is getting it onto a big screen, as Sky are not keen on you doing this. You may be able to cast to the TV, but it doesn't always work.

No issue with taking the box and plugging it into the dish at your 2nd home. The other option would be one of the dodgy streaming services that offer lots of premium channels for a much lower price....


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You could connect the Slingbox to the Composite AV out on a Sky Q Mini if you have Multiroom.


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You could connect the Slingbox to the Composite AV out on a Sky Q Mini if you have Multiroom.

A HDMI to component converter and a slingbox solo would give much superior pictures.

Amazon product


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Keep in mind that ALL slingboxes will stop working in 11/2022!

I created a Slingbox alternative and it works great!


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