Sling TV problems on LG UN8570


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Just bought a new 86” LG UN8570 from Costco. I’m having issues with Sling TV app. The app will load but when I click on a program the swirling circle spins and spins and the program won’t load. If I reset the tv to factory settings the app and programs load without issues. However once the tv is turned off and back on, the app loads but the program won’t load. I have to reset the tv back to factory settings and put my password back into sling and all works great until the tv is turned off and turned back on. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it, didn’t fix anything. The app and the tv are both up to date. I’m not sure how to back out of the Sling app. If I hover the magic remote pointer over the sling app, it gives me a choice to move the app in the app bar or I can press the X and it deletes the app. There’s not an option to back out and reload the app. Probably something I’m doing wrong, any help is much appreciated!!

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Unfortunately this is a UK forum so using sling over here would be more than likely on a streaming device rather than a TV as its not officially available.

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