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Slimline HTPC - New build - advice please


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I will build my first HTPC and want slim case and low noise. Sliverstone LC-19 is high on the list. I realise this may come with restrictions and would like advice.

Other h/w will be i3 2100T, Zotac H67 -ITX WiFi (subject to other issues), BD reader, TV card. Will use existing 2.5 laptop HDD or get new SSD.

Basic use will be stream media files from NAS, music into Amp, HD video from Blu Ray player and HDD to TV. Will want a TV card and temp storage of files prior to moving to NAS. Basic internet etc. No heavy use as other desktop can do that.

Questions: I have run a few Wattage calculators found via google, each of these suggest the power required is over 200W. This case comes with a 120 power supply. Am I missing something - is the supplied PSU simply not good enough for the equipment it is supplying?

If I come across the 24fps issue I will need a gpu. Appreciate the m/b will need a review, but from a case perspective is it possible to have both a TV card and video card?

Can this setup be truly silent - a CPU fan will surley make some noise - any silent ones out there?




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I would take those PSU calculations with a grain of salt.
First off they presume EVERYTHING is pulling peak power at the same time and this just doesn't happen. Secondly they build in a big safety margin just so people don't complain their system doesn't work.

I've run a D201GLY intel mITX board with celeron, 4 3.5" 7200rpm drives, 4GB ram and a 120mm fan for a couple of years on a 95W power brick. No issues whatsoever.

And with a 2100T with 35W TDP your planned setup will use a lot less than my old system. My mate has a similar setup to yours (2100T based) with 2x 3.5" drives (but no PCI cards) and he says according to a watts-up power meter the system as a whole uses 27W in idle!


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The PSU on the LC19 will do just fine. If you go for an i3 setup, then I believe you need to buy an aftermarket low-profile CPU cooler as the stock cooler won't fit the LC19. From the Silverstone LC19 page: "CPU cooler cannot exceed 37mm in height".
This case is perfect for the ASUS E35M1-Pro. Would a slower CPU but better graphics suit your requirements?


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