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Sep 27, 2005
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I have just found the samsung slimfit tv range and I just wanted some advice on them if possible. They seem to be very good with hi def and crt quality picture. For £500 for 32" it seems the perfect solution for me. Can some suggest pro's and cons for them and compare to a similar priced lcd tv. Thanks to anyone in the know. it say that they are native 1080I so what would they do with a 720p source?
Take a look at the samsung slimfit thread on this forum. I have one of these which is going back to the retailer. The Tv suffers from geometry problems. A samsung authorised repairer improved the geomtry but the tv now a blue smear in the bottom right hand corner. Geometry problem is only really noticeable on news tickers therefore mainly on Sky news Sky sports news etc. Football lines can look a bit wonky though. The Tv is okay for the price though. If you are buying one, buy from somwhere which has a good returns policy incase the geometry is poor and you want to return it.
their was a review a few months ago in one of the 'what tv' type mags

the review was poor and said the geometry was really bad (and was due to the slim crt used)
thanks for the heads up. Will look into that a bit more. Are these problems relative? obviously aware of issues for plasma's LCD's. Is the picture still better than lcd?
Picture is better than most LCD's I have seen. It is also at least £300 cheaper than a similar spec LCD. The geometry is poor but I would not say it is really bad especially after mine was fixed. I would now put it as average compared to other CRT's I have seen. The best thing would be to visit a shop which sells it either Currys or Comet and ask to watch something which highlights the problem. As I say I would have kept mine if it wasnt for the smear and there are many owners of this TV who are happy with it. I understand that at least a 1000 of the TV's have been sold.

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